Olivia smoliga


Olivia Smoliga - American record holder, 8-time world champs gold medalist

Olivia Smoliga is the current American Record holder in the 50 meter backstroke and also broke the record for most gold medals won at a world championships. Olivia is a fan favorite and brings one of the most refreshing and genuine personalities to the sport of swimming. She lives and trains in Athens, GA and is know for having one of the best backstroke starts and underwater dolphin kicks in the world.




Jacob Pebley is a 2016 Olympian, World Championships medalist and founder of the Back2Back Swim Camp. Jacob grew up in Corvallis, OR and swam at Cal Berkeley as a collegiate athlete. As a pro-swimmer, Jacob has won medals at the international level, signed sponsorships with companies that he is passionate about and travelled the country working with young swimmers. He is married to Nikki Owens Pebley and lives in San Diego, CA where he trains.